Careers in the Gambling Sector: What Careers Are Available in Casinos?

land-based casinos

For many people who have a passion for casino gaming, working in a casino is a dream job associated with colorful slot machines, dim lighting and luxurious gaming tables. But which job profiles are actually associated with the gambling sector? In this article, we have listed the job opportunities in the gaming industry that one can pursue.

Jobs In Land Based Casinos

Being a croupier is a dream job for many. Croupiers stand at the gaming tables and organize games such as roulette, blackjack, poker and baccarat. In order to work as a croupier in a casino, you must have completed training or further training as a croupier at the IHK or casino school. Land-based casinos often conduct training for croupiers themselves.

Requirements for this job are reliability, the ability to concentrate, contact skills, memory for numbers, dexterity and willingness to work weekends and nights.

Operations in casinos are maintained by service employees, receptionists, receptionists and cashiers who serve guests and keep the cash balance in order. As a rule, service employees have experience in guest relations, gastronomy, hotel management and professional training. Large casinos and arcades often employ slot machine service specialists. They are career changers or people who have completed vocational training as a machine technician.

Since large casinos often have a restaurant area, casinos also hire cooks and waitresses. In order to control gaming processes in the casino and monitor payments, security guards and surveillance employees with training in security also work in casinos and arcades. And these are all just employees who are responsible for the gaming processes in the casino. Casinos also offer several other jobs in administration, secretarial, finance, marketing, legal, and human resources. The job profiles in land-based casinos are therefore broad.

Jobs in online casinos

land-based casinos

Since online casinos have experienced a real rise in recent years, it is no longer possible to imagine the gaming sector without them. And they also represent a large growth market with many job opportunities. This primarily includes live dealers, support staff, web designers and game developers. Many jobs in online casinos are IT jobs and actually have to do with computers and programming. As a software developer you will find very good opportunities to get started in the gaming sector: every day, software manufacturers such as NetEnt and Microgaming bring thousands (!) of new casino games onto the market.

And every online casino employs customer service representatives to hold chat sessions with customers 24/7 and resolve your issues via email or phone. If the virtual casino has an option such as VIP hosts as a loyalty bonus, there are also VIP hosts among the customer service employees who therefore only look after VIP customers. And online casinos also offer a wide range of jobs and hire employees in the marketing department, finance department and other areas.

Working in an (online) casino: yes or no?

land-based casinos

It is important to understand that job profiles and entry opportunities vary greatly from casino to casino. Small on-site arcades, which often only offer slot machines to visitors, often employ arcade attendants who also work as receptionists and cashiers and also provide guests with drinks and snacks. It is not uncommon for career changers and young people who are studying and looking for temporary work on a mini-job basis or part-time. Accordingly, starting salaries and opportunities for advancement at smaller gaming halls are not as lucrative as at large casinos, which conduct training and entrance tests for potential employees.

For example, an experienced croupier in a casino is a professional in organizing casino games and dealing with guests, who can expect an average salary of €3,000-5,000 and more. If you only want to work at an online casino, there are several work options available. However, it will lack the ambience that so many people find so fascinating. Last but not least, we would like to address the question of whether working in an (online) casino is actually worth it or not. It definitely has its advantages and disadvantages. And enthusiasm for casino games is obviously not enough if you want a career in the gambling sector. In order to get to know this industry professionally, you should have a number of requirements that vary depending on the job profile.

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